Green Energy Valuation

Green Energy Valuation focuses on electric power generated when using renewable fuels; i.e. wind, solar, biomass or other non-fossil fuels.

Select green energy related advisory work includes:

  • Property tax appeal on 150 MW Lost Creek wind farm in DeKalb County, Missouri for Wind Capital.
  • Valued potential avigation easement for US Navy over proposed utility-scale wind farm near its Boardman bombing range in Morrow Co., Oregon.
  • Valued proposed 10 MW wind farm in Teton County, Montana.
  • Valued proposed 3 MW utility scale solar power plant on leased airport land in Rockford, Illinois for Cole Taylor Bank.
  • Valued Skypower’s portfolio of eight 10-MW solar farms in Ontario Canada for CalPERS
  • Valued proposed solar power plants at Onyx Ranch, Kern County, CA for CalPERS
  • Counseled the Arizona Department of State Lands regarding land lease rates for wind and solar development near the Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Valued geo-thermal heat exchange system for the Missouri University of Science & Technology campus for the Missouri University System in Rolla, MO.
  • Valued portfolio of single and double wind turbine projects funded by California Self-Generation Incentive Program.
  • Valued proposed 400 MW utility scale wind power project on Island of Lanai in Hawaii.
  • Valued proposed biomass synthetic gas plant in Fremont, Michigan.
  • Valuations of Onyx Ranch proposed utility scale wind farm projects near Mojave Desert in California.
  • Collateral valuation of ethanol plant with 102 million gallon nameplate capacity in South Bend, Indiana.
  • Impact studies on Kittitas Valley, Wild Horse Wind Projects, Ellensburg, Washington; similar studies for Coshocton, Marble River, Dairy Hills and Jericho Rise Wind Farms, all in New York.
  • Impact study for proposed California/Oregon gas power co-generation plant, Klamath Co., Oregon.

 Weld County, Colorado