Appraisal Services

Valuation, as a professional discipline, is the core competency of DeLacy Consulting. Barton DeLacy began his career as a residential appraiser in the late 1970s then gradually migrated to commercial, income producing properties through the 80s and 90s, owning and managing a full service appraisal firm. After earning a Masters in Urban Planning in 1988, DeLacy’s practice turned to more complex engagements often regional, if not national in scope.

For over 15 years DeLacy worked for firms with international valuation practices, further broadening his experience and adapting the discipline of the land economist to better serve client needs. Regardless of asset class, type or location, the demand for independence and market insight remained unchanged.

Along with specialty areas like Green Energy Valuation, DeLacy Consulting maintains competencies in conventional property types including:

  • Land: whether as vacant, at highest and best use or as entitled; whether urban or rural, whether for conservation or recreational purposes.
  • Residential: from single family to apartments, coops and condos to planned communities or mixed use; urban or rural
  • Retail: from focused rental studies to feasibility tests; stand alone to shopping malls
  • Industrial: conventional warehousing to purpose built factories and power plants to intermodal complexes and data centers
  • Office: accessory uses to downtown towers
  • Specialty Properties: golf courses, marinas, hotels self-storage and planned developments mixing all of the above