Cinnabar Southwest

Account Overview

CBRE has provided Cinnabar Southwest with real estate valuations services in the central United States. The scope of services has included:

  • Valuation of parcels related to a possible acquisition by a major rail road operator.
  • Consulting services and market intelligence regarding public and private property owners in the area.

Client Challenge

Background on opportunity:

Cinnabar Southwest as a leading facilitator for right-of-way transactions, land surveys and development of infrastructure and transport related assets, anticipates
several needs:

  • A trusted real estate adviser with scale and market presence across national and international boundaries
  • In depth understanding of infrastructural challenges that rail road yards present
  • Technical capability to property value diverse property types In order to investigate possible solutions, Cinnabar Southwest has engaged CBRE
    to support their real estate on an ad hoc basis.

Reason for engaging CBRE:

  • CBRE’s significant presence at thee local, regional, national and international level offered the client unique access to key stake holders and market data.
  • A historical perspective and technical understanding of land value dynamics, the rail industry and the ability to obtain the best data available across multiple property types.
  • The access to several service lines, such as: brokerage, capital markets funding, project andd facilities mannagement; in addition to valuation and consulting services.

Client Objectives:

The objectives were to ascertain the value of several parcels and maintain strict protocols that ensure their client’s privacy. Further,, access to other real estate
services, should they be needed, is highly advantageous.


CBRE was able to craft an assignment that ensures the confidentiality for the rail operator, access to market data and professionals that are experienced in rail
infrastructure. In addition, an expedited project schedule was agreed upon too deliver the rail operator the data in a timely manner all at an aggressive price.