Collaborative Capacity

Boutique firms can be limited by their lack of range. DeLacy Consulting enhances its capacity by leveraging personal experience with its council of senior advisors; each operating specialized firms contributing to a powerful collaborative community.

  • Admiral Consulting, LLC; Douglas Collinger manages a Midwestern team of attorneys and tax experts to help clients mitigate various levels of real estate tax obligations including ad valorem, sales and use. Admiral also advises on accelerated depreciation opportunities through application of cost segregation strategies.
  • Rutledge Company, LLC; John Rutledge, CRE, a City of Wheaton Councilman, retired banker and farmer brings 45 years of property counseling in Illinois to his clients.
  • Dinn Focused Marketing, Inc.; Michael J. Dinn, CRE, offers insightful market intelligence, nation-wide, leveraging state-of-the art demographic databases and geographic information system (GIS) mapping tools from his Northern Kentucky real estate advisory firm.
  • Plaza Property Advisors; The Pioneer and World-Wide Leader in Real Estate Due Diligence for Private Equity Acquisitions. Our clients are prominent private equity firms and their portfolio companies.
  • JSO Valuation Group; John S. O’Dwyer’s practice, based in Evanston, has undertaken appraisal assignments on virtually all property types including specialty developments (i.e. subdivision lot analysis, communication towers, municipal recreational park land, etc.). Much of his work is focused on the property tax arena.